Philadelphia Asian Ladyboy Shemale Transsexuals Tia Still Single

Well I had a boyfriend for a little while and we broke up cause he does not like my dog.  Who can not like my baby.  I have had this dog since it was a puppy.  My dog CoCo turns 9 in a couple of days.  I wish I had a man to invite to the party, but I don’t.

I am a single Asian Ladyboy Shemale Transsexual Tia living in Philadelphia, PA.  I am looking for a good man with a good job.  I work a real job.  I am a good Ladyboy Transsexual and lots of guys would be honored to be with me.

I cook very well.  I clean and love to do gardening.    If you are interested in me give me an email at

Still Looking for Mr Right

I been looking and looking and found very few guys.  I been out to dinner many times but most guys want sex.

I need a guy that wants me for me and eventually wants to get married.

Why are guys not about marriage anymore.  At least lets move in together and be happy as one.   Some guys don’t like the fact I have a dog.  I am not getting rid of my dog to have a boyfriend.shemaletia2 shemaletia3 shemaletia14 shemaletia15 shemaletia16 _MG_2104 shemaletia18 shemaletia19 shemaletia20

I might not ever get married if I don’t change

Vicki you know my best friend that we always fighting about  everything  says the reason why I don’t get married cause I am not acting like the woman in the relationship.  I realize I am right.  I don’t even have a boyfriend cause I am so focused on saying I do that I dont really know the person.  I have been in love with this one guy for 5 years and he treats  me like crap.  He treats me like a queen when we are together but I don’t get to meet his family or anyone.  I don’t know what  to think.  I want to get married.  See I am doing again.  People are emailing me saying they hate me sometimes cause I push the marriage issue.  Plus I keep saying I want a rich man.

Why are people judging me for wanting a guy with a good income.  I work a job.  I have a regular job, wait.  I was laid off, but the point is I am looking for another job.  LOL

I know you are laughing at me, but I really want another job.  I am board at the house with just my two dogs.  I need a job bad.  No one calls me on the phonesex line much cause I charge 1.50 a minute.

I am not a gold digger.  Vicki says Gold diggers sit in bars and hotels waiting for rich guys to come through. They give them good sex then leave them and they chase the girls cause she left first.  They way Vicki says it, is they are like Dogs.  I mean thing a girl leaves after sex.  So the guy is thinking wow my sex was really bad and he is calling her and trying to get to her but he can’t.  Its serious and sad.  I should try that.  Give a guy some good sex and say , thanks for that and leave.  He might not chase me or he might.  I really hate having sex on the first date, plus I don’t hang in bars for guys to talk to me.

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Not getting the surgery, Shemale Transsexual Saying No to Surgery

I wanted the Surgery so bad, I really did but then I realize its so much work to take care of the virgina.  I want one but not all that work.  2 years using a dildo and they said I can’t take over 8 inches of dick in the pussy.  What if my man had 12 that would be crazy to be picky on him cause he would punch a wall in my virgina

I will miss getting a blow job or more lady like a guy going down on me.

I love oral so much , love to 69 sometimes.

I love to have my ass licked and fucked.  Now if I had a pussy they might never lick my ass too.

I will stay an asian ladyboy.


Well I had a date for Christmas Eve. He was so wonderful. Now he was only 5’8 but I bent my rule and went to dinner with him ad he made some sweet love to my Asian sexy body. He put a really good smile on my face.

Now Christmas day he went home to family and I have not heard from him. O well, back to the drawing board. Its hard to meet someone that good looking and romantic. I want a guy financially secure, good looking, and romantic.

I know I talk about marriage allot but thats me, thats what I want. I want to get married to a great sexy tall Asian or Black Male and spend the rest of my life with him.

I am too Picky for a Philadelphia Tgirl Shemale Asian Ladyboy

I know I am.  This guy told Vicki that all I want is rich men, and that is true but it goes deeper than that.  I want a guy that can take care of me.  I know its bad but I don’t want to work all the time.   I would like to open my own tgirl club  but it has not been easy to do that with no man or little funds.

Vicki had me make this voodoo dall of the perfect man and it has not brought me anyone yet.  I am still looking for the right man to come to me.   I tried dating blacks and spanish but they never work out.


I love Asian Men but most are traditional and its a waste of time cause they not ready to share you with the family. 


I know allof of you have read my blog and judge me, but please understand I must be with a guy I am attracted to and want to be with.